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Dr Cameron Ramsay is an experienced, independent practitioner delivering a wide spectrum of risk management services - in managing business, programme and project risk - in controlling health, safety and environmental risks - and in strategic achievement and corporate governance... all to improve organisational performance.

Working on assignments either individually or more usually with his network of co-venture collaborators, he creates customised client solutions to control threats and exploit opportunities. Working with you, listening to you, challenging your thinking, helping you analyse, helping you understand, helping you to find and explore options, he helps you to synthesise the right solutions for your situation.

Trusted by multinationals, by government agencies and by SME clients alike in the oil & gas, energy, chemicals, utilities, food and transport sectors, he can help you to identify the core issues to improve your business - the opportunities that must be seized and the threats that must be countered, so that effective strategy can be formulated and converted into achievement.

Cogna helps you to identify and manage what has to go right to achieve success, and to identify and control the threats to that success.

Cameron Ramsay
Cameron Ramsay